Black Man.

Black Man, you are so much more than the world shows you. You are not dangerous, yet, you are constantly in danger. You are not unloved, although love is seemingly a rarity. You are not aggressive, although there are times when you must stand your ground. You are not ugly, yet, you have witnessed some of the ugliest things imaginable. You are more than sports. Why? Life for you has never been a game, yet you play it masterfully. Black Man, you are not a boy. Honestly, you were never allowed to be. Black boys aren’t allowed to be children. Can I get an Emmitt Till, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice? You have been treated as harshly, disrespectfully, neglectfully, and violently as any man who has ever graced this planet. You are more than music. Why? Your songs are sometimes an echo of your soul’s screams to, and about the Universe. You are more than theatre. Why? Ever since the first one of Us landed in this Country, we’ve been expected to know how to act. No. Black Man, you are more. Perhaps this is why the World seems to be comfortable with giving you less. If you were given more, your greatness would manifest as abundance, and the racist would be exposed as insufficient. Black Man, pick up your head. Trust me, I know you’re hurting. Lean into your faith. Lean into your hope. Lean into trusting the most important person in your existence; yourself. Lean into grace. Lean into acceptance. Black Man, you are Loved so much by the Universe that when you were conceived, it’s light kissed your skin. Like perfectly baked bread or the strongest of trees, you are a beautiful brown. You are feared because you are powerful. You are hated because the very existence of a racist is predicated on a fabricated lie that never manifested any fruit. You are powerful because the Universe built a home inside of you. You are beautiful, well…..Ain’t God good? Hold on Black Man. Hold on. Your Brother isn’t your enemy. His rage, your fear, and our distrust is nothing more than a response to poverty, mis-education, neglect, and a lack of being edified. Can you imagine what we could be if we extended our hands rather than turn our backs? Black Man, I am so proud of you. You have made miracles in the face of despair. You have made homes out of broken houses. Even when you sleep, you’re working. I realize that your anxiety never rests. Hold on Black Man. Don’t bleed on the people who didn’t cut you. Don’t hurt the people who are trying to Love you. Don’t run from the people who can help you heal. Don’t stand for the people who don’t acknowledge you as Hueman. Black Man, you are Magnificent. You are Loved……My affirmation…..Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything.


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