Titles v. Power

Happy Tuesday. It’s a cold January evening, and I’ve decided to sit down and write what I have been thinking and feeling for a few days. Let me begin with this; each weekday morning, I wake up at 5:00 am. For those of you who get up at that time, you get it. It sucks! For those of you who aren’t required to, thank the Universe for aligning in your favor. Nonetheless, without going into the weeds, I wake up at 5:00 am each weekday morning. After slowly entering the shower, I quickly exit the house. I turn on the Russ Parr Morning Show, put my car in drive, and off I go. Purposefully, each morning, I make the same stop. I stop at Wawa for my FAVORITE cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot, cold, snowing, raining, storming, hailing, etc., I stop at Wawa. As I walk in, I’m always careful to hold the door for fellow huemans, and I gradually make my way to the coffee. After a few “good morning” salutations, each day, I greet the same face; Theresa. Now, Theresa might stand about 5’3, she wears a Wawa hat, and most importantly, she wears that same friendly smile each day. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows Theresa. She is one of the first people that I begin my day with everyday. For that, and that alone, I am blessed, for both patience and friendship decided to grace me with her presence. Like me and most, Theresa lives paycheck to paycheck. She has no secretary. She doesn’t have fancy things. Honestly, I don’t think she cares. However, what I’m certain that she never considered is that she possesses one very important quality; she has Power. You see, Theresa empowers not only me, but everyone that she interacts with to engage the best parts of their uncertain days each morning. As I enter the store exhausted, I leave enthused. Theresa… Now, I have arrived at my point. You see, there is a distinct difference between those who have titles and those who have Power. Those who have titles have wonderful things. They have corner offices in beautiful buildings. They have corporate cards with infinite limits. They have beautiful homes that echo due to space. They have cars that talk, drive themselves, offer massages mid-ride, give sound that rivals the beauty of symphonies, and cost more than the average person makes in a few years. They sit on boards with other people with titles and they discuss very important things. Their names are usually followed by abbreviated alphabets that are aligned with years of study and preparation. They worked for, and earned, the title. As a Black Man, when one of our own are bestowed with a title, it seems as though our entire metaphorical village celebrates. “One of us making it in will make it better for the rest of us.” That’s the line that’s often quoted. Here’s the truth. While they sit in the corner office, they rarely, if ever, own the building. Many are so afraid to use the corporate card, they never do. I guess they understand their limits. The homes are leased by the bank while those with power own the people who call those houses home. While their cars do more than most, they go to the same place everyday; their jobs. When you call what you do your purpose, you are officially job-free. Jobs require work, while purpose flows from Love. There is no competition between the two. While their names are followed by abbreviated alphabets, none, and I mean none, actually spell this powerful four letter word; F-R-E-E. You see, their titles are often recycled, and they come with a price. Then, there are the Powerful. The Powerful are rarely, if ever seen. Yet, their impact is felt everywhere. The Powerful make changes while those with titles ensure that those changes are on par with expectations. The Powerful move people to change. Those with titles change the way that people move. Here’s the thing with Power; Power can only be bestowed by the Universe. Titles are given by people. Power is never forgotten. We elect presidents every four years. Power builds. Titles use the phrase “don’t sleep” because it knows it’s days are numbered. Mothers have the most immense Power of all; they are the Givers of Life. Fathers have Power. They have the Power to Give Love. Brothers have Power. They have the Power to Give Where Their Fathers Couldn’t. Sisters have Power. They have the Power to Listen When Their Mothers Couldn’t Bear What They Were Hearing. Friends have Power. They are the Keepers of Our True Secrets and the Naked Places In Which We Can Unapologetically Be Ourselves. Money doesn’t mean Power. Money only buys things. Power.. Power changes things. I’m not certain if you can see it, but there is great Power within you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay your bills. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight/underweight. Who determined what weight should be anyway? Probably someone with a title. It doesn’t matter if you’re light or dark, gay or straight, republican or democrat, northern or southern, religious or not. You have Power. Dig deep within yourself and find that quality within you that personifies the very reason you were born. Darkness hides. Light both shows and grows. Be the Light. We are all Powerful. Never, and I mean never, allow anyone with a title to make you feel as though you’re not Powerful. If they try, smile, walk away, and rest assuredly in knowing that they can’t sleep because they exchanged their true Power for a title……..Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything….


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